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As we mentioned on the previous page, that was your ONLY chance to grab the Private Label Upgrade Package containing ALL of those components including the Internet Success System and the Ultimate Success Program.

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However, we realize that not everyone might need ALL those materials. After all, the main package that you already purchased has a whole lot of products in it, which should keep you busy for quite awhile.

Not to mention the fact that the Internet Success System and the Ultimate Success Program are literally SO big that they're not the easiest to work with. It would take you a long time just to download them, so we understand that such a massive product package is not for everyone.

That having been said, we really don't want you to miss out on the opportunity to grab a Private Label Rights license for the products in the main package that you already acquired.

Private Label Rights (PLR) allows you to do SO much more with those materials! Instead of only being able to sell them as-is, a PLR license allows you to edit it, to rebrand it, to turn it into something new and truly make it your own product. The sky's the limit to what you can do with all those products when you possess a PLR license.

So we're going to the extreme here and allowing you to grab a Private Label license for those 16 products for an astonishingly low price.

To make this an over-the-top no-brainer, we'll even throw in all of the Word source documents, and the PSD graphics source files too!

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 Thanks again for your business, and we look forward to seeing you succeed.


Eric Holmlund and Mark Hendricks Estate

This Mark Hendricks Firesale Upgrade Package "B" does NOT include the Internet Success System or the Ultimate Success Program

You'll still receive private label rights for the 16 products in your main firesale package ...






  • You could take a smaller component of a product and turn it into a free bonus.

  • You could take a few chapters of an ebook and turn them into free reports to build an opt-in list.

  • You could take some of the material and use it as an auto-responder series or an e-course.

  • You can use the sales letters as swipe files and use them to create sales letters and advertisements for ANYTHING.

  • You could make transcripts of the audios and videos.

  • You could translate the products into other languages. (HUGE OPPORTUNITY!)


    So here's the value of what you're getting in this upgrade package...

    Included ComponentValue
    Private Label Rights for the 16 main products$16,000.00
    100+ Source Documents$2500.00
    PSD Source Files$400.00
    TOTAL VALUE:$18,900.00

    We hope you can see that the license and materials in this upgrade package will help you MAXIMIZE your profits as you build and grow your online business.

    Do not come asking for this offer later. Not even later today. We're sorry, but there will be no exceptions to this rule.

    This offer will never be made again; not even to our paid customers.

    After you order below, your download page will contain the main firesale package (which you already paid for), PLUS this special upgrade package. You will have access to download all of it immediately.

  • Mark Hendricks Firesale Upgrade Package "B"

    With this special offer, you're getting all of the above for...

    Mark Hendricks Firesale Upgrade Package B

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